Demi Lovato’s Message to the Illuminati in new Music Video

Listen to the lyrics. Is this a song about a painful relationship with a boyfriend? Or is this a message being sent to an elite group of people? Note the Christian symbolism throughout the video, and how the camera focuses on it.

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84 Responses to Demi Lovato’s Message to the Illuminati in new Music Video

  1. Shirley says:


    • Anonymous says:

      no she’s not you people nothing better to do then sit around and find someone that have gone through something hard and say that they are a slut or with the Illuminati seriously get a life

  2. Tonia says:

    I love u demi and pls dnt change who u really are

  3. bling jones says:

    demi are you really in illumiati

    • Anonymous says:

      Demi i loved u, bt since u re also a puppet in the illuminati group im sorry im gnna hve to gve up on u certainly cuz im a christian..

      • Anonymous says:

        xj Nzn x x

      • Anonymous says:

        Demi Lovato is NOT in the illuminati ppl don’t be so naive, I’m a Christian and I believe the “illuminati” is not STRONGER than Jesus!!! <3 u Demi!!!! Forever.

        • anonymous says:

          LOL. The illuminati is all around you, and you are also a puppet. We all are. They spy on everyone, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the religion you are in is all by the illuminati orders. Ever heard of NWO? That’s on of their agendas. Unfortunately, Christianity is connected to the illuminati. People like you are very ignorant, therefore don’t think on your own. I bet you are the type who also believes everything the media tells you? Well you sure act like it. If you really don’t want the illuminati to control you, then never use the internet, get off the grid, start making your own clothes and food, because they own everything. Good luck. One tip, start thinking on your own. The government isn’t your friend, but your enemy. Ever heard of the group “Anonymous” ? Search it up, maybe it’ll put some sense in you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bitch you the one believing media talking about Demi in the illuminati if the devil rule the earth I rule jesus it’ll never happen

            • anon says:

              this is obviously the end time… the world is getting more and more corrupt… i wont be surprised if devil is gaining more power on earth at least until jesus comes back…

          • Anonymous says:

            You think you know so much but you know so little, the music industry has always been evil. All these famous artist that have fame are illuminati puppets . Christianity has nothing to do with the illuminati so think twice before posting a comment .

          • Anonymous says:

            Finally a comment that has truth and make sense.

      • Sadie Diaz says:

        Really? Demi Is Not An Illuminati.Why Would She Have A Cross TATOOD To Her Hand? Your Probubly Thinking She Could Hide the Illuniati Stuff.Well If Your An Illuminati You Cant Hide It Youd Have To Give Up Eveything About Jesus Christ.Demi Goes To Church She Wouldnt Be hepling Kids With There Bullying Problems! So She MAde Little mistakes Like Starving HerSelf Cutting Herself.Well People Bullyd her.If She Was An Illuminati Im Pretty Sure She WOuldnt Be Hepling Kids.If She Was She Would Have a Red Bracelet On Evverysingle Day To Represent That Illuminati. Demi Would Never be And Illuminati She Isnt Like That At All!! My Point Made!

        • Brandmann 21392 says:

          Demi is not part of the illuminati! She is a Christian like me who is waiting and looking for God. She will be running out when the swell of the loud cry hits. Praise the Lord. You’re right! That’s why she is a victim, like her former co-worker, Britney Spears. The illuminati is after her and she doesn’t want to join. Do you really think that visit to rehab was for nothing? Why do you think the media (which is controlled by the illuminati) states that she is still living in a sober home?

          • anon says:

            yes i completely agree with that… the end time is nearing and illuminati is trying to control more famous people and demi is just one of them who is trying her best to fight against them… i really respect her a lot for that

        • grazor says:

          You can fake people by acting like a saint. To convince them believe in everything you say and make the words you whisper rule their minds.

      • julie says:

        due she aint in the illuminati and waw what a fan that stops loving a person because of some stupid group u u loved her so much then youve shouldnt have left her or even thought she is those are roumers get a life peopel

      • Mary says:

        She ISNT illuminati OK

        • Brandmann 2500 says:

          Man! I am sick and tired of these stupid conspiracy theorists who don’t even know nothing about the freakin entertainment business (like I do) coming about and spreading hatred to people they don’t even know. LEAVE DEMI ALONE!!!!! She is a Christian just like I am. I can’t believe these haters. Unbelieveable.

      • Anonymous says:

        She’s a Christian u should look up her past

    • Anonymous says:

      She has actually changed to just a spiritual relationship with God. She’s no longer Catholic. She’s not in the illuminati because she talks about Him and how He has changed her. And she says that she does good things out of His will.

  4. Mrs Styles says:

    is she actuallu apart of illuminati ? pls say no

    • Zohra Arbabzada says:


      Music artists are never a part of the illuminati. Rather, they are puppets used by the illuminati to promote the agenda. In that sense, yes she is a puppet of the illuminati and she tried to break out of it with her song Skyscraper, but since then she has returned to complying with their rules and agenda, as you can see from the fact that she has now regained success through shows like the X Factor.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hope u are not part of this u cn always pray to god for help he is there for u

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pls demi dnt even tell me u are part of illuminati… Pls dont join illuminati god is there for you, he loves you, and he cares for you, so dont chose devil instead of god, we are your fans we all love you so dont let us down demi

  7. amy says:

    I luv u ur ma bes pls don’t join ur fans luv god is wonder ful plss

  8. SLW says:

    ru kiddin’ me???

  9. rosemary says:

    Yea shes in it. Big time srry demi 4 ur soul

  10. Gerlie says:

    you have failed as demi! sorry for your soul.

  11. SemmiLovesGod says:

    I don’t think she is in the Illuminati because in the video she has earrings(cross). And she has a tattoo and its the cross. if she was in the Illuminati then wouldn’t you think satan would tell demi to take it off. and she is a celeb so she has the money to remove a tattoo! I love God and I will always stay in hes side. I love you God and I hope that demi isn’t in the illuminati.

  12. demi are u really an illuminati? ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    You all are extremely stupid, 12 year old girls. This article was stating that this celebrity is against the Illuminati. If you read the text you would realize this.

  14. Hannah parbs says:

    I don’t think shes in the illuminati because it really focuses on her cross tattoo and she sings ” it’s a long way down but I am closer to the clouds up here” which basically like we all know hell is down there and heaven is above the clouds so she probably isn’t in the illuminati.. Just my opinion.

  15. me says:


  16. Lovatic says:

    Omfg, you idiots.
    This video is about Demi recovering from self harm, depression and an eating disorder. What you’re saying doesn’t even make sense. Demi is a heavily religious and spiritual person. This song was released after her treatment.

  17. maybe Disney is the people who are trying to hold her down, which is what skyscraper is about. we all know Disney is a bunch of pedophiles who write sex subliminals into their films for many years. and they also abuse the young kids who work on their tv shows.
    she even tweeted one time that the industry was evil. someone who is part of the illuminati or worships satan wouldn’t say that.

  18. Lupe says:

    Pls demi dont be in that crap ur not worth less to god and ur fans u mean alot giving ur soul to the devil for fame and and to have everything in the world isnt the best thing world stay away and sing about nice things sing for ur fans and not to be part of the illuminati Please stay away for u and ur fans but mostly for ur freedom and not to be a puppet for someone u might be serving and cares less about u and only wants ur soul

    • Lupe says:

      Im just saying bcz ur wonderful and talented person that cares about others serve the lord how u dont know demi god gave u that voice to sing to him and not to the world or devil and it would be nice to hear christian music from u that would be cool but thats my opinion have ur ever thought about that save ur soul bcz u dont want to be killed by those devil worshipers.

  19. Demi's_Wife82092 says:

    She’s Catholic btw

  20. God loves u says:

    Demi dont tell me ur a member of illuminati. Im ur fan. Pls stay the same. God loves u and He cares for u. Pls use ur talent to serve Jesus not to serve the devils. He created u. Pls think for urself.

  21. Illuminati is dumb as fuck says:

    Um, can someone tell me why we are feeding this bullshit. Like “omg, she has a cross in her video. ILLUMINATI.” Have several fucking seats with this illiterate and irrelevant shit. Demi Lovato is singing to this day because she enjoys it. Wtf is wrong with being a Christian and liking crosses? If you believe in the “illuuuuuuuuuuuminatiiiii”, keep thinking that and you’ll gonna regret it — while you’re burning in hell for not concentrating on your proprieties. Stop. Because if you type in a random stars then put ‘is’ then [random star is (illuminati)] Illuminati is just something that a group of people scared and waste their time on this. Come on now, grow up & do something with your life. While you’re thinking about if Demi is illuminati or not, I’m listening to her new album. *-*

    • ForeverDemi92 says:

      You people are stupid, why are you worried about someone who doesn’t even know you,not only that but worried about someone who has a life, get off her jock and get a fucking life.

  22. alexandrea asuncion says:

    in her song “skyscraper”, i dont know if its a subliminal message from illuminaty or a message for joe jonas. coz i heard the back mask of this song , so scared, and i think its an illuminaty message .and its because of her cross tattoo. to prove it, i search in internet and i see the list of illumnaty members. .i read “Demi Lovato” at last after taylor swift.

    i am ddlovato fan .
    please demi stay strong. and please trust God.and he will forgive you. so that we will meet at new jerusalem not in HELL.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Stay strong demi!! I know your not an Illuminati.. your deffirent right??

  24. Anonymous says:

    bull shit

  25. thalia363 says:

    I think half of you misunderstood the point of the entire article. I believe they were trying to say she isn’t Iluninati, and to listen to the lyrics. Showing that maybe she was and is not now pay attention. And I too am Christian and I now that God is more powerful than any evil, and to someone who said that the Iluninati run everything, your the real puppet. To think God will just sit around and let everyone do whatever they want is absurd, eventually everyone’s time will come. Just like in the Bible when he ended the world with water cuz the people where out of control, He will do it again when He’s fed up with us. The only thing He promises is that it wouldn’t be with water this time.

  26. julie says:

    for the love of god guys seriosly fighting over a stupid roumer well what happens if she is ? youll stop beinga fan waw what people get life:)

    • Brandmann 21392 says:

      Amen to that, Julie! I personally believe that Demi is NOT part of the Illuminati. She said in one of the latest issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine that she is NOT an occult, but rather one who believes firmly in God. Can’t be both at the same time. lol

  27. Anonymous says:

    she made that song bcoz she was bullied its not a message. dont judge b4 knowing the truth.

  28. Nicol Parcker says:

    Demi does nt work 4 iluminati bt the iluminati controls her.

  29. Nicol Parcker says:

    Demi i liked u coz u ddnt wana be controled by the demons

  30. Anonymous says:

    Be still. And know that I am GOD!

  31. Anonymous says:

    She didn’t even write this song. So. How could this be her message to anyone?….

  32. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Demi Lovato is n0t a member of the illuminati group.!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Demi, many people likes you and support you,so please….dont join illuminati..!! God gaves you a talent to worship him n0t to worship demons…And we kn0w that u are strng..!!God bless u

  34. annonyms says:

    OMG…… i so lve demi but if shes reali in that illuminati shit her music can go to hell 4 all i care !!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    omgod.. demi pls dont tell me ur in the iluminati shit// now u r fucking ugly to me.. when i will hear u sing i will hear a fucking ugly devil singing and ur ur voice is not really good as it was.. ur r becoming weak bith

  36. omgod.. demi pls dont tell me ur in the iluminati shit// now u r fucking ugly to me.. when i will hear u sing i will hear a fucking ugly devil singing and ur ur voice is not really good as it was.. ur r becoming weak bith

  37. Sadie Diaz says:

    Hahaha!! Demi Lovato / Illuminati ?? Haha yeah she’s an illuminati alright! Is it because of the heart in the glass? Is because she has a CROSS TATTOOED on her very own arm? Or is it because she belives in god? People are some what idiots today! She is NOT an illuminati ! She certainly belives in god !! The heart in te glass symbolizes she was very strong she had just gotten out of rehab ! She talks about bullying everyday on. How it is not right! And yet y’all think she is? Umm no I really don’t think she would first get a cross tattooed in her arm then yet believe in the illuminati !! She would never change her mind about loving god then the devil !! SHE IS NOT AN ILLUMINATI !

  38. kautie says:

    i truly tink demi is an illuminaty hElLo?sHe WorKEd 4 DiSnEy oBvIouSlY sHe signd da illuminati contract

    • Sadie Diaz says:

      Just because she worked for Disney doesn’t mean she’s an illuminati and I’m pretty sure there’s no signing contract I really don’t know for a fact an neither do you. A lot of Disney stars have changed in many ways to include that they may be an illuminati but just cause she worked for Disney does not mean she’s an illuminati ! And OBVIOUSLY she quit Disney ! And she believa in god there really is no proof about her being an illuminati !

  39. Esme Love says:

    Demi is not in the illuminati group. Ppl should wake up from their dreams. Its not because she has a cross tatooed on her hand means she is one of them. She believes in GOD not in the devil!! DEMI IS NOT AN ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!

    • Brandmann 2500 says:

      I used to hate it when people would bash celebs who are part of the illuminati. But I see now because according to the Webster’s Dictionary, the Illuminati are just people who enlighten. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they are devil worshippers. There are some people who are Christians (like Miley Cyrus) who are part of this organisation. Now if Demi was a mason, THEN you can get scared.

  40. Anonymous says:

    You guys are just wasting your time. If yout a christian you don’t have to believe or involve your self in all of this. Just wear any clothes you wany to,eat anything,you can even go work at disney but at the end of the just know who you worship. And uhm FYI Demi is a christian so get over yourselfs

  41. Mera says:

    Guys she is talking to the devil in the music video shes saying over and over that the devil attacks her but she still stays strong lovatic forever u beat him demi!!!

  42. Mera says:

    go run run run shes saying the to satan she wants him to disappear hes trying to tear her down but god is helping her stay strong like a skyscraper shes closer to the clouds shes closer to god!

  43. ruth says:

    If you TRULY love/d Devonne Lovato but you are so confused whether she’s part of it or NOT: THEN, INCLUDE HER IN YOUR PRAYERS EVERY NIGHT/DAY. (f u truly love her).
    Let’s pray for her. Together.

    But if you are a hater: why hate?? LOOK AT YOURSELVES FIRST. Are you that Perfect? And if (ONLY IF) you are “Perfect”, WHY MIND those that are not? mind yourselves…
    If you hate something/someone, then You would readily GO AWAY FROM those things.
    However, if you hate something/someone and DOES NOT or DID Not go away from those things.. then maybe you are just insecure. I am not saying that you are but TAI (think about it).

    DEMETRIA DEVONNE LOVATO (or whatever is your real name, that i would like to know someday)… I like you because you have a good heart, i can see that in your smile and in your eyes (even if you “rock n roll”). I don’t know if you are part of it or not. I too am confused about it but GOD IS GREATER THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. HE IS JUST BUT ALSO GRACIOUS. HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN I DO. And I know you know that. No one is perfect you know, I too am… But Just let GOD hold you. take care, always. =)

  44. mar angelo says:

    Shes not illuminate her songs are only about the break ups and heartaches she had experienced.. people jusy mis.interpret her because people want to be more than her thats why they are pulling her down.. and thats not what it is u should go higher without pulling anybody down

  45. Anonymous says:

    Demi is a Christian and if your gonna waste your fucking time saying she’s with the devil then I don’t think she needs god but you defenatly do. Oh and by the way I am Demi fan and always will be.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Demi stay strong believe i god respect mankind

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