Creepy Symbolism Found in Michael Jackson: The Experience WII Game

Michael Jackson’s ‘Ghost’ video. Check out the video…

…then compare it to the dance moves in the Michael Jackson: The Experience WII game. Almost identical – except at 1:11 where his animated self does the all seeing eye. Interestingly, only moments beforehand, the checkered floor also appeared.

Michael Jackson’s Message to the Illuminati

Bob Dylan & Katy Perry Sold Their Souls to Satan

Katy Perry on how she made it into Hollywood

What do you think Bob Dylan is talking about?

Britney Spear’s Rebellion from Hollywood

There doesn’t seem to be any escape for poor Brit. The only way she can express herself is through her carefully put together lyrics.

Hollywood Making a Mockery out of Michael Jackson

The original at 11:58

The Britney Spears version at 4:27

The LMFAO version at 3:13

Not sure what this means, but I doubt that its a coincidence that these imitations are being made only after MJ’s death.

Slave & Puppet to the Illuminati – Britney Spears

She’s a slave to her decent¬†man¬†illuminati handler

Why Britney Spears Isn’t So Lucky

Now we know why she cries and why she has a lonely heart.


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